Get More Clients, Make Consistent Sales, & Have Passive Income In Your Coaching Business

(Without Working Endless Hours)

    Here's What You'll Learn ⬇️

    (that'll actually open up your calendar and get you away from your laptop, while making you $$$ with your coaching business, and without making you feel like a sleazy used car salesman)

    FACT #1: You CAN make a lot of money as a coach without being tied to your desk all day

    No, coaching doesn't scale by you giving more and more of your time- and it's definitely not sustainable that way. I'll show you what IS - and how you can literally change what you're doing SO EASILY, and actually have time back to hang with your kids, or scroll the 'gram, or binge-watch Netflix - while making $.

    FACT #2: You're struggling to make more money because you're losing 80% of your audience every time you talk about your offer.

    Has some coach told you to stick to ONE thing so you don't "confuse your audience" - or worse, dig into pain points to close a sale? That advice is garbage, and I'll show you how you actually create a coaching biz that captures an audience that never wants to leave (so you never worry about where the money's coming from again).

    FACT #3: Cold DMs and push-energy sales pitches are out - and cringe.

    Want your DMs flooded with people asking you how they can pay you - before you even post your offer?! I'll show you what is possible when you flip your entire sales & marketing strategy on its head. Be warned: you'll be getting a LOT of DMs from people wanting to be in your world!

    Started a coaching biz - and it's crickets?
    Or already got one & you're on the struggle-bus when it comes to actually making money?
    Either way, you're in the right place.

    Here's the thing: "wishing and hoping" isn't a strategy - and "do more and try harder" is honestly just a slap in the face.

    You need a proven, easy-to-follow framework that makes sense in your specific circumstance and your lifestyle (and 24 hours in your day - because let's be real, we don't all have the same), and that's actually going to get you clients, work less hours, and make more money (because you're building a business, not fiddling with a hobby).

    I got you. I was you. 😅 I've built this thing multiple times myself, and I've coached hundreds of hopeful entrepreneurs exactly like you on how to do this, too. Grab my free, on-demand training to learn exactly why you're stuck - and what will make all the difference to get you to that elusive 6-figure (or more!) goal you've got ⬇️

      Why You NEED to Pivot How You Run Your Coaching Business ASAP

      Remember 2020? When the world almost ended? 🫠 Remember the layoffs, the shutdowns, the "sabbaticals", and the...struggle? I don't know about you...but I'm not a fan of that kind of uncertainty. (I've got kids to feed and a mortgage to pay.)

      Here's an honest truth:

      We didn't worry about losing our jobs during all that...or where the money was going to come from. Because my husband and I had been entrepreneurs for decades at that point (and we both had done our time and paid our dues in corporate before that, too). We knew we were in charge of our businesses - and therefore our money. And trust me, I know how lucky we are to be in that position...

      Except not one ounce of that was luck. 😆
      All of it was decades of hard work to establish our respective companies - with all the failures, struggles, "should I just go back and get a 9-5" questions, and frustrations along the way.

      But you know what we learned?

      You're safest when YOU are in control of your income and your career.
      Even if you coach part-time, you can dial up your income when you want - or need.
      Running your own business gives you the cash you want, flexibility to be in a meeting or at ⚽️ with your kid, and lets you work with the clients you want to work with (and not take the ones that drive you insane).

      So yeah, remember 2020? Instead of wondering "what if it doesn't work", how about you watch this training and start asking "what if it works exactly the way I want it to - and I get to actually enjoy the work I do and be financially secure?" 🥳

        Meet Your Coach.

        Hi. I'm Kirsten. I was never meant for a 9-5, and I used to think I was the problem.😆

        I’ll admit it: I’m a little bit of an idealist when it comes to entrepreneurship. When other coaches talk about hustling 24/7 and taking more and more 1:1 clients (because those are the high-ticket drivers, right?), I’d have a whole body “absolutely not!” reaction.

        I didn’t WANT any of that. I didn’t WANT to have to put all my time and energy into working more, nor did I want to promise all of my future time to other people as the only way to make money. I didn’t want the stress, the burnout, and the constant worry about signing more and more high-ticket clients to meet my monthly income goals.

        So I threw out the “rules” and created a framework that let me design my business in a way that felt good to me. And that gave me my time back - while letting me earn more in income.

        It lets me speak my way to my audience, create what lights me up (and pivot the moment it no longer does), and it lets the people who find me (you read that right - no cold DMs or sleazy sales language) grab exactly what they need, when they need it. In other words, it serves my entire audience, at all times.

        And people love that so much, they routinely thank me for letting them buy from me. That’s the dream, right? Your time is yours again, you have even more impact on your audience, and you get paid your worth. That's the vibe we're after. 🥰

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